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Need more than one trademark?   Save $$ when purchasing multiple trademarks!

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    One Trademark - Pay in Full $2500.00
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    One Trademark - Payment Plan3x $899.00
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    One Trademark - Extended Payment Plan6x $499.00
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    Two Trademarks - Pay in Full (SAVE $$!)$4750.00
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    Two Trademarks - Payment Plan3x $1750.00
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    Three Trademarks - Pay in Full (SAVE $$!)$7000.00

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Once you purchase, you will get an email with our engagement letter and trademark questionnaire. Once you sign and send those back, we will get started! 

Interested in more trademarks? Of course you are, we know that building an empire takes a lot of protection (that's why Kim K. has over 200 trademarks!).  We offer special bundle savings for packages of 5 and 10 trademark registrations.  Just reach out to team@destinationlegal.com to learn more! 

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What's Included in Make Your Mark:
☑️  U.S. trademark search
☑️  Preparation and filing of one U.S. trademark application
☑️  Trademark application monitoring and updates
☑️  Unlimited support via email and phone calls regarding your trademark
☑️  Responses to all office actions from the USPTO
☑️  Preparation and filing of statement of use and extension requests (additional fees may be required)
☑️  A trademark registration certificate from the USPTO
☑️  Trademark Maintenance Guide

"Getting my trademark with Destination Legal was one of the best decisions I've made in my business.
The process was so easy and stress free, not to mention it was so empowering to know I had the right support on my side and that I didn't have to navigate it on my own.  

Not only did the process go well, but I feel like a true CEO having my business name protected and the peace of mind it has given me has been priceless. If you're thinking about trademarking I couldn't recommend Destination Legal enough!"
Lacey Sites, Success Coach and Owner of A Lit Up Life

Lacey Sites
Success Coach & Owner of A Lit Up Life®